At Densta Ltd., we understand the importance of quality fasteners in construction. That’s why we offer a wide variety of fasteners for industrial and residential construction needs.

We keep a wide range of sizes in stock
of fasteners and we can supply non-standard products on request. We provide the highest quality fasteners to ensure the safety and durability of construction projects.

Self-tapping screws

installation of roof and facade thermal panels, LT sheet metal and polycarbonate boards on steel structure or concrete


for installation of sprinkler systems for industrial and commercial sites.

Bolts, nuts and washers

for the installation of metal structures

Reaction to fire: A

Dowels and anchors

for suspended facades


for facade thermal insulation

Nails and charges

for shooting sheet metal into steel and concrete


caps and caps for installation of thermal panels, sleeves for the transition of communications, thermal and waterproofing tapes, etc.

Telescopic dowels, plates and self-tapping screws

for installation of PVC and bituminous waterproofing to sheet metal and concrete foundations.

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